By Terresa Moses and Lisa E. Mercer

Chp 1. The Framework

Chapter 1 is focused on the theoretical and applied research used to create the Racism Untaught framework and toolkit.

Chp 2. Defining Design

Chapter 2 explores how we are all designers of artifacts, systems, and experiences and how the designs we each develop affect historically oppressed communities.

Chp 3. Positionality

Chapter 3 investigates the different ways participants of the Racism Untaught framework can delve into social identities created and how these identities affect individuals.

Chp 4. Shared Language

Chapter 4 seeks to understand the ethics of knowing and the importance of a shared vocabulary to discuss and identify racialized design.

Chp 5. Anti-Oppressive Interventions

Chapter 5 provides users of the framework with the opportunity to further understand how design perpetuates and reinforces the status quo.

Chp 6. A Collective Liberatory Future

Chapter 6 explains how to effectively engage in the work of critically assessing, analyzing, and reimagining racialized design.

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