The Movement Imprinted

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The Movement Imprinted

The Movement Imprinted

This exhibit is the outcome of my assignment “The Movement Imprinted,” in which I ask my students to create work based on a particular person, song, or experience in the African-American community. Each year has a different theme. I then specify that their design should emulate and be inspired by the work of an African-American graphic designer. Along with the designed poster or portrait, they are accompanied with a designed booklet that details information about their topic, their assigned designer, the students’ progress, and the topic’s impact on the movement and Black culture.

The students’ work is then sold for auction with at least 50% of the winning bid going towards the Duluth NAACP. Since I began this community project in 2017, every piece has sold at the auction.

Music of the Revolution

Each exhibition is themed. This year, in 2018, the theme was based on songs about the Black experience. The songs selected for each student included a range of styles, from Nina Simone to Lupe Fiasco.

Faces of Change

Each exhibition is themed. The first year this project was explored in 2017, the theme was based on Black activists. The activists selected for each student included a range from Harriet Tubman to Danny Glover.