2018 Freedom Fund Dinner

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2018 Freedom Fund Dinner

Groundwork of the Revolution

I had fun branding this year’s Duluth NAACP’s Freedom Fund Dinner which was themed by my design studio, Blackbird Revolt, Groundwork of the Revolution. The dinner was an opportunity for the branch to raise awareness, spirits, and funds. It was the first time the dinner has been held in over 20 years. The dinner was organized by the Freedom Fund Committee which I played an integral role in. Through Blackbird Revolt, I designed all the print and digital material to help promote and brand the event.

Planning and Participating


Event Planning

Serving on the Freedom Fund Dinner Committee

In addition to the branding, I lead many of the initiatives within the committee. We were organized as a collective, meaning that no one chaired the committee. I was able to secure most of the major sponsors, stage managed, booked and vetted the entertainment, and secured our keynote speaker, artist and activist, Seitu Jones.