Duluth Disparities

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Duluth Disparities

Using Design to Solve Real-World Problems

This was a project assigned during my ART 3922 Graphic Design II class. Students were challenged to answer the question: “How can design solve STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental, and political) disparities for marginalized populations in Duluth communities?” This allowed students to recognize community disparities within Duluth and use design to help solve problems for the people.

Student Work Featured


Creating sustainably nutritious communities across all demographics.

Nature Kit

Dedicated to educating the community youth about the importance of nature as well as Duluth’s best nature programming and experiences.

Move Crew

Giving affordable and inclusive options for kids who want to dance.


Providing an after-school mentorship program with professional and college student volunteers.

Lending a Hand

Striving to bridge the language gap between hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing individuals in the Duluth community.

Swap West

Creating sustainable conditions for homeless families by providing resource trading opportunities.